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ECON 2100 (Online) - Global Economics

Balagangadharan - ONLINE

Group Presentation Rubric

Final Project Grading Criteria

Grading criteria

The total points for the presentation are 35 points. The grades will be distributed as per the criteria given below:

Topic discussion with the instructor: 4 points

  • After submitting the project proposal, each group must discuss their topic with me and get feedback. This meeting will be good for brainstorming ideas on the chosen topic.

Library appointment and research: 10 points

  • Each group must make an appointment with the librarian to discuss your topic and get help on resources for the presentation.
  • How to make an appointment with the librarian?

In the ECON research guide link, go to the Need help? page to schedule an appointment. Resources for economics-related topics - Econ Research - GSU Library Research Guides at Georgia State University

Final discussion with the instructor: 3 points

  • This meeting will be close to the presentation deadline to update the status of the completion of your presentations and the progress made so far.

Total grade point distribution

Topic discussion with the instructor after submitting the project proposal: 4 points

Library research appointment: 10 points

Final meeting with the instructor to discuss the progress closer to the presentation date: 3 points

Final presentation rubric: 18 points

Total points: 35 points

Topic discussion with the instructor: 3 points

  • Each group must discuss the topic, information collected, source, and progress so far with the instructor prior to Oct 4th.

Library appointment: 4 points

  • Each group must schedule an appointment with the librarian to discuss the topic and get more resources and inputs on the presentation. This must be completed before Oct 4th.

Rubrics grading: 18 points

See Group Presentation Rubric

Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding the same.

Writing a project proposal

What to include in a project proposal:

  • Explain your topic. What are you researching? Name the region and the economics-related current event or issue.
  • Why did you choose this topic? Why should your audience care? Why is it important?
  • How do you plan to present your research? What tool(s) are you using to share your research?
  • What sources are you plan on using for your research? You may not have read them in full detail, but you should be able to share the URL or permalink information for the articles and other sources that you plan to use in your research presentation.

Project proposals should be written with complete sentences in a paragraph. See more details in the Project Proposal Instructions below.  This should not be a bullet-pointed list.

Project Proposal Instructions

Group Project -- Project description

As discussed in the syllabus, you will submit a project for this class. The group project is worth 50 points. You will choose a topic in global economics covered this semester and do a presentation on the topic. The specific format of the final project will be given.

  • The project will be submitted in two phases:
    • The project proposal is due on Oct 9th @ 11:59 pm
    • Final project presentation is due on Nov 5th @ 11:59 pm

The topic for the project can be any global current event or an issue related to the topics learned in global economics class in any one of the following regions:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe and Australia

Format of project proposal

  • The names and GSU e-mail addresses of the members in your group.
    • There can only be a maximum of five members in each group. This is a group project.
  • Project title and purpose
    • Clearly state the title of your project
    • State the topics to be investigated and the objective of the study.
    • Discuss the implications of your study, and how will the conclusion of the study benefit end-users.
  • Clearly state the sources for writing your paper (e.g., URL address, publications)
    • This is just the proposal for the project. Just include the article references link. For the final project, you will do proper citations.

The proposal should be double-spaced & typed and is due on Oct 9th. The proposal should not be more than 200 words. The proposal will be turned in online on iCollege under Assessments/Assignments.

Note: Please send me an email with the names of the members of your group by Oct 2nd.

Final Project

Final project presentation (due on Nov 5th)

On the topic chosen for your project proposal, your group will do further research and work on a presentation.

You can do a PowerPoint presentation, video, visual, audio-visual, infographics, skit, etc., on the chosen topic. Just think about how you will do a presentation in front of an audience. The completed presentation will be uploaded on iCollege. I will create a discussion board for the presentation. All class students will be able to see all the presentations and give their feedback.

Time duration for each group presentation: 10 minutes (The uploaded presentation with an explanation on the topic must not exceed 10 minutes.)