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Citing work from AI tools

When you opt to use ChatGPT or another AI tool in your course assignments, it's important to do so responsibly. This includes the use of proper citation of that work.  It is becoming more and more common for students to openly use AI tools to create text and to facilitate their assignments. However, in most cases, your instructor has not permitted you to let ChatGPT write the full text of your assignment, project, or paper.

APA Guidance on how to cite work from ChatGPT

Quick tips on how to appropriately acknowledge and cite ChatGPT in your work.

  • Credit the author of the algorithm with a reference list entry and the corresponding in-text citation
  • Include full text of long responses from ChatGPT in an appendix so readers have access to the exact text that was generated
  • Keep in mind that you can ASK ChatGPT to list its sources, but they are not always REAL. The burden of proof is on you when you use that information in your assignment - so verify, verify, verify!