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PHIL 4760: Ethics and Contemporary Public Policy (Andrew I. Cohen): Searching for Sources

Why Academic Search Complete?

Academic Search Complete includes:

  • Scholarly/peer-reviewed articles
  • Magazine (and sometimes newspaper) articles
  • Trade-publication articles

If you are having trouble finding scholarly/peer-reviewed articles on a particular topic -- which may be the case for a very current topic -- Academic Search Complete can also point you towards magazine articles and in some cases newspaper articles that may provide useful coverage. Depending on your topic, trade publications might also be useful (think, articles in Publishers' Weekly about a controversial book).

Search Hints

   to search names as a phrase | ex: "walter cronkite"

   as a wild card | ex: wom*n

AND between words to NARROW results | ex: cat AND dog

OR between words to EXPAND results | ex: cat OR kitten

Looking for Philosophy Articles?

Alternative News Sources / Publications

Interdisciplinary Scholarly Article Databases available @ GSU

These article databases cover a wide range of disciplines. We also have many article databases that are focused on specific disciplinary areas.

Use the Databases by Subject dropdown on the library's homepage to find databases for particular disciplines/subjects!

Examples of potentially relevant subject areas (among others!):

  • African-American Studies
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Public Health
  • Public Management and Policy
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Do We Have That? Checking For Availability

To find out if the GSU Library provides access to a particular magazine, journal, or newspaper, start by searching in the library's catalog. From the library's homepage, click on "Library Catalog" and then on "Advanced Search." You'll see a search page that looks like this:

Look for results that say "Online access."

Click on the magazine's title and look for the View Online section. You'll see information like this.

Check the publication dates that are available for each option and choose the one(s) that include the dates you are looking for. In the list below, if you are looking for the most current issue, you'd want to click on either the EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete option or the ProQuest Central - GALILEO option (since the Factiva option doesn't include articles published after 2017). 

(Pssst: Factiva is also somewhat difficult to use. If you see an EBSCO or a ProQuest option, start with those as those are generally a little easier to use). 

Individual Newspaper Databases

Evaluating Nonscholarly Sources

If you are looking at nonscholarly articles (magazine articles, newspaper articles, even websites or blog posts), it is important that you learn more about the publication in order to evaluate the argument of an article. 

In Academic Search Complete (and other databases), the name of the journal/magazine/publication is often a link. Clicking on that link will give you a little more information about the publication.

For more information, try looking up the publication's title (or the organization it is connected with) in Wikipedia or elsewhere. That will tell you much more about the publication, and will give you a better idea of their sociopolitical stance and their intended audience.

Don't just trust the organization's About page -- do some extra research in order to assess the stance of the publication. 

All publications will have some sort of bias. You want to get a sense of what a given publication's inclination is in order to assess the article's value to your project.

Newspaper/News Sources Databases

(See the Newspapers guide for fuller information about finding newspapers)

Current Magazine Databases & GSU

These are stand-alone databases that contain the full archives of each of these magazines up through the most current issue available.