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ENGL 1101H Fall 2022 (Mitchell): Commercial Video Project Assignment

Assignment Instructions

We will not have a final for this class. Instead, you will create a video commercial on the country you focused on in your Research Essay. The commercial needs to be 1 to 3 minutes long, and in it, you need to try to convince people that it is a place people need to learn more about. At least part of it needs to focus on the aspect of the country that your research paper is centered on. You need to use a variety of media, such as pictures, video clips, text, and/or music in your efforts to be entertaining and persuasive. You must have a voice over narration. This can be done by yourself, or you can have someone else do it, but you must at least write the script for it. All media used needs to be copyright free, and you need a works cited slide at the end of the commercial.

Making a Short Film Course - LinkedIn Learning

Recommended Websites for Finding Images