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ENGL 1101H Fall 2023 (Mitchell): Research Essay Assignment

Assignment Instructions

Image of borderless countries 

Choose a country besides the United States.  Then write an argumentative research essay about what is one specific aspect of the country, cultural, educational, political, etc. that should be adopted by the United States. You must use at least five, secondary sources to support your argument. At least three of your sources need to be books or articles found in the GSU  library catalog or in databases that can be accessed through the GSU library. If you do use internet sources, including videos, they still need to be credible. 

Image:, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

Research Customs & Cultures in International Countries

Introductory Sources on Specific Countries

Streaming Film & Documentaries

Films of Interest

Find Articles on your Country

Scholarly Articles & Research on International Countries

Healthcare System Research

Education Research

International News & Newspapers