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ECON 8300: Urban Economics


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Final Research Project


Students will be expected to complete a final project. Students will form groups of no more than 3 and choose a project from the options below. Students must submit their project group and proposal to Dr. Patrick no later than September 27th. The one page proposal should specify which option the group has chosen, the research question, and the methods for answering the research question.

Students will be expected to complete a write-up for the project of no more than 20 typed pages. In addition, students will present the motivation, methods, and results of their project during the last class of the term. The write-up is due at the time of presentation. Presentation should be approximately 20 minutes and include both visual and oral components.

The options for the final project are as follows:

Option #1: Current Issues Project

Students will choose an issue of current interest in urban economics upon which to report the current state of knowledge and give policy recommendation(s). The current state of knowledge should be based upon a review of the academic literature. The policy recommendation(s) should relate directly to the current state of knowledge and/or concepts covered in the course as well as include a discussion of expected impacts.

Option #2: Original Research Project

Students will be expected to write a research paper on a topic of their choosing. The paper should be an original research undertaking similar to those we discuss in class, with the understanding that time and data are potential constraints. Students choosing this option must have their topic approved by Dr. Patrick.