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Questions about copyright and publishing are pervasive. The topics can be confusing, and they impact so much of what is done at the university, from coursework to teaching, presentations, publishing, and theses and dissertations. We can help you manage your rights, respect the rights of others, and determine whether and how to make your work available. 

Workshops covering copyright and publishing topics are available each semester. Workshops and appointments can be set up by appointment


Copyrighted Material

Using Copyrighted Material in Publishing 

Fortunately, there are several ways to legally use copyrighted materials in your publications, including getting permission, looking for content licensed under a Creative Commons license, making a fair use, or looking for content that is in the public domain. Click here for more information.

Using Copyrighted Material in Instruction
The University System of Georgia Policy on the Use of Copyrighted Materials in Education and Research is focused on respecting the rights of copyright holders and on the use of copyrighted works in teaching, research, and service. Click here for more information. Georgia State University Office of Legal Affairs provides information on fair use, as well as a fair use checklist.


Publishing & Author Rights
Many authors do not realize that when they sign an agreement with a publisher to publish their articles that they also shift their copyright to the publisher as well. Managing your rights as an author is important to ensure you can use your writings in teaching or as a foundation for future publications.  

Where Should I Publish?

With so many publications, how can you be sure you can trust a particular journal? Think-Check-Submit! Follow the steps on this site, and follow them on Twitter.

Undergraduate Publishing
Undergraduate research journal provide an opportunity for undergraduates to share their work, provide evidence of their research and writing skills to employers or graduate schools, and feel proud of what they have accomplished. DISCOVERY is the undergraduate research journal from the Honors College. Other undergraduate research journals are listed here and here.

Open Access

Open Access
Want to know more about Open Access? Unclear what is means, how to find good publishers, and how to give your work wide access? 

Theses & Dissertations

You will be using copyrighted content in your thesis or dissertation. Learn the ways to respect others work while creating your own. Click here.

Whether or not to delay public access to your thesis or dissertation is an important decision.

How will publishing your dissertation in ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University impact later publishing

Creative Commons

Creative Commons
Creative Commons provides an easy, clear way for authors to make their works available while assuring attribution and proactively indicating how a work may be used. 


Workshops and appointments covering copyright and publishing topics are can be scheduled for individual consultations, department workshops, or other groups. Contact Laura Burtle.

Conference & Journal Hosting

Conference Hosting
ScholarWorks@GSU conference hosting service, can be used not only to archive the papers and presentations from an event, but also to manage the conference, from the call for papers all the way through the review process to publication of papers. 

Journal Hosting
ScholarWorks@GSU provides a journal publishing platform that combines submission management, editorial, and peer-review tools in a flexible, hosted solution