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Computer and Technology Help - Handouts: Step by Step YouTube in PowerPoint

Computers and technology need not be frightening if you learn to use them step by step.

Step by Step Inserting a YouTube Video in a PowerPoint

Step by Step Inserting a YouTube in a PowerPoint

1) Find a YouTube and copy its URL from the box that pops up when you click Share.

A YouTube video, share box, and URL

Cascading menus to get to inserting a YouTube video. 2) Have a blank PowerPoint slide ready. You can make extra slides with duplicate slide. You can make the slide blank by right clicking on it and choosing layout and selecting the blank option.

3) Click Insert on the ribbon.

4) Select Media. Under Media select Video and under Video select Online Video. These menus cascade. See the illustration to the left. left.

5) Paste your YouTube URL in the search bar next to the Youtube symbol.

6) Click the magnifying glass.

7) Select your video.

Here is where you select your video that PowerPoint has found.

8) Your video appears nearly ready to go on a slide. Feel free to move or stretch it.

9) You can also add a text box or other illustration next to it as in the finished slide below.

The video mounted on a finished slide. Note the textbox next door.

Note: this technique does not yet work for Vimeo or Instagram videos.