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Computer and Technology Help - Handouts: Step by Step with Multiple Page Numbering Schemes in Word 2016

Computers and technology need not be frightening if you learn to use them step by step.

Step by Step with Multiple Page Numbering Schemes in Word 2013

Step by step Creating, Multiple Page Numbering and Heading Styles in Word 2016

Word 2016 allows you to begin page numbering after a cover sheet, abstract, outline, or any combination of these. Getting separate headers/page number schemes is tricky, but the effort is worth the work.

  1. First create a cover sheet (abstract, or outline) and at least the beginning of the next part of your paper.

  2. At the end of the first part of your paper place a Section Break. Choose Section Break -- Next Page under Breaks under Page Layout in the Ribbon.

    Choose Breaks under Page Layout Select a Next Page Section Break

  3. Now add page numbers to your paper.

  4. A) Choose Header under Insert in the Ribbon, and then Edit Header You can also click on the header area to open the header and start editing.

    B) To number pages in the top right corner, choose Homne from the Ribbon once you are in the header, and choose the Right Align image under Paragraph.

    C) Change fonts. Type in your last name or anything else. Add one space, and click Page Number under Insert in the Ribbon while you are still in the header. This is more intuitive than it sounds.

    D) Select the plainest page number style, and put the in the current location.
    Ready to edit your header

    Right aligning your header  Add your page # in current position

  5. Oops...linked headers. Next open the header on the page after the section break either by clicking Edit Header under Header, under Insert, on the Ribbon or just by clicking the header area. On the right side, a small tag says Same as Previous.

    This means you can't separately modify either header.

  6. Breaking the Same as Previous Link To break the Same as Previous link, edit your header (See above for directions) and choose Design once you are are in Header and Footer Tools (Look for the green tab in the ribbon and faded body text to make sure you are in the header) in the Ribbon.

  7. Then edit your second header in any way you wish. Their page numbering and text will be as different as you choose to make them.