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General Online Resources

Georgia State University Resources

  • Research Data Services - The Research Data Services homepage has links to recorded workshops, schedule for live workshops, other library guides, and contact information to our team members. 
  • GSU Technology Services - The homepage for the Georgia State University (GSU) Technology Services has links for access to download programs and their help center. 
  • O'Reilly - The O'Reilly access through GSU's subscription makes it free for students, faculty, and staff. O'Reilly provides access to great materials on a host of programs and packages.
  • LinkedIn Learning - The LinkedIn Learning access through GSU's subscription makes it free for students, faculty, and staff. LinkedIn learning has great materials for learning new programs or analytical techniques.

General Statistics Resources

  • Statistics Solutions - Statistic Solutions offers expertise in quantitative and qualitative research and has resources that breaks down statistical analyses in various programs
  • Laerd - Laerd has a "Statistical Test Selector" that helps you select the correct statistical test for the kind of data and research questions you have for a project. This resource uses SPSS for their examples and explanations.
  • Statistics Tutorials & Data Files - Statistics Tutorials & Data Files offers free tutorials for for data analytics, scientific research, big data analysis, and healthcare analytics, and general statistical analysis.
  • IDRE - The Institute for Digital Research & Education (IDRE) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has top notch resources to enable you to develop and/or extend your statistical computing skills, helping you to independently use common statistical packages for the analysis of research data.

General Analysis Resources

  • Khan Academy - Khan Academy has a set of general online tools to learn more math, programming, and a host of other topics. 
  • Edureka youtube channel - Edureka is offers a videos on trending topics in the areas of data analytics, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and much more.
  • Github - Github is an online resource to provide and find code sources for programs and interact with others on the site
  • Stack Overflow - Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. This is a great place to find example code and solutions to common programming problems.

R Resources

Official R Resources

The official R and RStudio websites has resources and materials for learning more. Below are direct links to the pages. 

Other R Resources