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Prerequisites, Setup, and Presentation Files

All attendees and participants are welcome to simply sit, watch, and listen to the workshop content.

For attendees wishing to participate and engage with the R code in a hands-on way using their own computer, attendees should complete the steps below. Please note that everything below is completely free; do not pay for any advanced or premium versions of the software below:

Workshop R1

  1. Download and install R
  2. Download and install RStudio Desktop (Free)

Workshop R2, R3, and R4

  1. Create a free RStudio Cloud account

The following files contain the presentation slides and supplemental resources for the R workshop series.

R Workshop Materials (Recorded Fall 2022)

Workshop Files for GSU Data Ready! Badge Program

The following files represent the standalone materials and code used in the most recent version of the R workshop series. These materials can be used with RStudio Desktop on individual computers (see instructions above).

RStudio Cloud materials for GSU Data Ready! Badge Program

As an alternative to downloading and installing RStudio on your computer, you can access all of the workshop materials using RStudio Cloud. For the purposes of this workshop series, the free version of RStudio Cloud should be sufficient for most users. However, in the long term, academic researchers should seriously investigate downloading and installing RStudio directly on their computer.