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Reaxys: Searching Spectra

Finding Spectra in Reaxys

Reaxys does not directly provide spectra, but does cite and link to the articles in which spectra are found.

1. Search for your substance with the main Reaxys search box

  • Searching by the CAS number is efficient.

2. You will likely get a set of results for Substances, and a set of results for Documents. Choose View Results in the Substances result box.

Reaxys CAS search result

3. A list of substances will come up. Find your substance, and choose Spectra


4. The available types and number of spectra are listed. For CHEM 4160, you want NMR Spectroscopy.


5. Each result is a publication including a spectrum. For CHEM 4160, you are looking for proton NMR spectra (listed as 1H). Click the Full Text link on the right-hand side to find the reference.


6. Full Text will direct you back to the GSU Library Catalog. Follow the full text links to view the article or download the PDF containing the spectrum.

Note: For many articles, the actual spectra may be located in "Supporting Information: or "Supplemental Information", which is often a separate PDF download from the main article. There will usually be a link for the extra information on the page where you accessed the article on the publisher's website or at the end of the article itself (usually right before the references).