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Anth 4020: Anthropological Theory


The two databases below should give you most of what you need to find anthropological and ethnographic sources for your research.

Be sure to check the Annual Review of Anthropology in particular.

Check the "Find it @GSU" instructions at left -- it may take an extra couple of clicks to get to the article.

Searching for books

This box searches GSU library collections at all campuses.

Change the drop-down menu from "Georgia State University" to "University System of Georgia" to search all USG libraries.

Discover search

If you're not finding what you need in the databases above, or if you have title of an article title that you can't locate, try the library's Discover search:

This searches most of the library's journals all at once and may give you what you need.

We don't have every journal online, and Discover doesn't search everything, but it's a useful place to check.

If the library doesn't have an article you need, you can request it by Interlibrary Loan and usually get it within a day or two. Ask me if you need help!