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After installing the Mendeley Web Importer to your preferred browser, you should see a Mendeley icon somewhere in the top menu bar of your browser window. If you hover your mouse over it, you should see the text "Import to Mendeley." 

To import citations to Mendeley from the web or a database:

  1. Have open in your browser a web-based PDF or an individual record in a database.
  2. Click on the Import to Mendeley icon and a pop-up box will appear (see image on right). 
  3. Prior to clicking "Save" in this pop up box, notice that you can choose which folder(s) or group(s) you want for the reference. If you do not choose a folder or group, it will be imported to your "All documents" library, and you can add it to a folder or group later.
  4. After you click "Save," Mendeley will show if just the reference was saved, or if both the reference and PDF were successfully imported.

‚ÄčNote: Sometimes the Mendeley Web Importer will only import the reference and not the PDF. If this happens, save the PDF to your computer, open Mendeley Desktop, and attach the PDF it to its record in your Mendeley library. 

This brief video below illustrates the Mendeley Web Importer.

Mendeley blog posts about the web importer can also offer valuable information and support.


The features of your personal Mendeley Web account are:

  • The Newsfeed: Updates from your research network, which will grow more relevant as you use Mendeley.
  • Your library: Access to your personal Mendeley references library.
    • Mendeley Web can be used exclusively to add and maintain references and documents.
    • If you are also using Mendeley Desktop, remember to sync regularly so that all your work can be viewed in both places.
  • A profile page: Highlight your scholarship history to share with other Mendeley users.
    • Follow other researchers, colleagues, friends, etc. to create a scholarship social network.
  • Suggestions: Recommended articles and researchers based on your scholarly interests and activities.
  • Stats: Claim your publications and monitor their impact.
  • Groups: Collaborate by creating and joining groups. 
  • Search: Discover research from the Mendeley Web Catalog.
  • Also: Careers, Datasets, & Funding.