IB 8510: Industries

Identifying the Industry

Industries are classified into one or more classification systems. The two main classification systems are SIC and NAICS. Many business databases allow you to search by these codes, so it can be very helpful if you know how to find them. 

Companies will be assigned more than one industry code if they are operating in more than one line of business. 


Finding Industry Analysis

  1. Use the Industries dropdown menu on the front page to select your industry.
  2. Use the Analysis Finder on the ensuing page to select the analysis you want (categories include Latest Analysis, Articles and Opinions, Country Reports, Datagraphics and more).
  3. Then Select Geographies
  4. Click GO to see your results

Finding Company & Brand Shares

  1. Click the Search link on the top of the page
  2. Use the Category Tree to find your industry
  3. Click the  Now Choose Georgraphies button
  4. Choose your country or region
  5. Click the See Data Now button to see company shares, brand shares and other related data.


IBISWorld is our most comprehensive source of industry level data.  You can search for industry information by classification code, industry description or company name. 

It also includes "Business Environment Reports" that offer short summaries of data and analysis on over 250 economic drivers, categorized in seven “environments” that surround the economy.

GSU subscribes to both the US and China modules.

Industry Profiles in Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete provides access to Industry Profiles by Country. Use the Industry Profile option under the Publication Type limiter.

Research Tip

The amount of information that's available on any given industry will vary depending on the age and size of the industry, among other factors.

If you can't find information on your industry consider the following strategies:

  • Try looking for a broader industry category. Sofware publishing instead of smartphone apps, for example.
  • Look for information on related, or similar industries.
  • Find out who the main companies are in your industry and base your analysis on that information.
  • Combine information from multiple industries. This can be particularly helpful for younger, emerging industries such as e-book publishing.

Industry Reports in ABI Inform Collection

ABI/Inform Collection provides access to industry reports by country. The report titles include the country. The industry name is a little harder to predict in the title field. Clothing, for example, might be covered under the apparel, fashion, or textile industries. With that in mind, the most efficient way to search for industry profiles by country is to use the (default) Advanced Search screen is to enter the country and the industry into the search boxes and select the "title" field for the country. If I were searching for reports on the farming industry in Germany I would construct my initial search something like this:


Before you run your search you should should limit your results by Document Type. Scroll down the page a bit to see the Document Type limiting option and use the Industry Report option to make sure you are targeting Industry Reports.