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Georgia Archives Institute: Information for Interns

Intern Guidelines


  1. The primary purposes of the three-day internships are to give each Georgia Archives Institute participant:
  • a brief but meaningful and comprehensive hands-on processing project.
  • an overview of the components of  a well-functioning, comprehensive archival program.
  1. Each INTERN will work on a processing project that will:
  • be suitable for completion in the three-day time period.
  • include opportunities for experience in the core archival functions of appraisal, arrangement, description, and preservation.
  • include opportunities for participant to work closely with traditional, paper-based archival materials.
  • if possible, relate to particular areas of interest / responsibilities which the participant has identified. 
  • allow participant to verify understanding of archival principles by applying them and to understand how to make adjustments so that archival principles fit archival practice.
  • provide structured feedback on the work accomplished.
  1. Each INTERN will gain an overview of a comprehensive archival program through
  • meeting with archival professional(s) to review and discuss principal issues relating to archival management.
  • limited tours of the repository, if time permits.
  1. Each INTERN will present a report to the teacher and/or board members on his/her internship experience on the final day of the Institute.
  2. Each INTERN will be assigned to institutions other than their parent institution, with consideration given to particular responsibilities and/or areas of interest identified by the participant, whenever possible. 

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