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News source evaluation: Issues with News

Real news, sloppy news, biased news, and just plain fake news: What are the issues? And how do you tell the difference?

Thie guide is a collection of resources for learning about the news. Do you have a favorite resource I should add? Let me know!

Why is news important?

Craig Benzine looks at the important role media plays in a democracy.

How should media work and what goes wrong?

Is Fake News new? How is news changing?

Social Media and the News

Statistics, Scientific Studies, and the News

News stories often use statistics or results of scientific studies to make a point or tell a story. Statistics and research results are great tools to understanding, but if used inappropriately, can be misleading. These videos help you spot misuses of statistics and scientific studies.

How do I detect bias?

Everybody's got an angle, but some reporters and news editors make an effort to fairly present all sides of a story while others clearly don't. Here are some sites that help you understand and detect bias.


Digging Deeper

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