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Computer and Technology Help - Handouts: Saving and Printing Web Pages

Computers and technology need not be frightening if you learn to use them step by step.

Step by Step Saving and Printing Web Pages with IE and FireFox

Step by Step Saving and Printing Web Pages with Edge or Firefox

If your professor has asked you to print a web page or save it as a Web Page only HTML File and you are confused, read this handout to learn how to make your FireFox or Microsoft Edge work for you.

Revealing the Hidden Menu Bar and Its Commands

1) Microsoft Edge and Firefox on the library's public computers often hide useful commands such as Print and Save As beneath an invisible menu bar.

To make the menu bar appear, right click on empty space at the top of your brower. Note: illustrations in this handout were made with Firefox, but the instructions also work with Edge.

Whoops! There's no menu bar!

2)Select Menu Bar from the menu that drops down.

Choose Menu Bar from the menu

3) A menu bar appears.

To save or print web pages, click File.

Click File to get at all the other menu commands

5) A list of commands drops down. The choice of where to go next is up to you.

The choice is yours!

Saving Files with a Web Brosers

1) From the File menu on the Menu Bar Select Save Page As. Click Save As
Complex saving page remember to adjust the settings. 2) Your browser presents a omplex menu. Make sure to save files to your flash drive by browsing under Computer and selecting a letter other than C or D.

Also choose Web Page Only HTML from the scroll bar. This will let you save your page as a single file.

Removing spaces from and adding .html at the end of your file name make your file easier to open.

Printing Web Pages

1) To print a web page select Print or Print Preview under File in the Menu Bar.

2) Then follow the instructions in the boxes that pop up. Note: Print Preview has its own printer icon.

Print Preview is a good idea with heavily graphic web pages. Print Preview lets you know whether a page will be readable when printed and lets you back out and copy it to a Word document if it is otherwise unprintable.
Click Print Preview in the File Menu