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SCOM 1000 Honors - Spring 2024

Landing page for Professor Anita Canada's SCOM 1000 Honors course

Library Databases

Databases grant you access to thousands of scholarly and peer reviewed articles. They can be discipline specific, or interdisciplinary. 

GSU's A-Z Database List

Communication Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases

Communication is interdisciplinary!

Video: How to Search in Communication and Mass Media Complete

In this video Communication Librarian Jill Anderson teaches

  • How to search in Communication and Mass Media Complete using Advanced Search
  • How to limit your search to scholarly/peer-reviewed articles
  • How to use an article's record in CMMC to find more terms to search with
  • How to search within CMMC for articles using a particular methodology
  • How to use AND, OR, and NOT to construct effective searches
  • How to use Find It @ GSU and Interlibrary Loan to find/request articles
  • Using references and "cited by" in Google Scholar to find more articles 

All of these are skills that you can use in many other databases as well!