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AI Chatbots Basics for Faculty: AI in the Classroom

This guide includes resources for learning about and using AI Chatbots in classroom and research settings.

AI Syllabus Statements

The following links provide sample syllabus statements related to the use of AI in classrooms.

Georgia State University

Chapman University

Cleveland State University

Other Activities

  • Read and discuss an article about AI
  • Talk about AI in the context of media literacy
  • Talk about AI and plagiarism
  • Talk about ethical uses of AI

Articles to read and discuss:

Atwood, Margaret. (2023). "Margaret Atwood Reviews a "Margaret Atwood" Story by AI." The Walrus. 

Vara, Vauhini. (2021). "Ghosts," Believer Magazine. 


Use a chatbot to:

  • create a lesson plan around a topic
  • create assignment rubrics
  • create a skeleton syllabus

Further Reading

Bartlett, T. (2023). A Study Found that AI Could Ace MIT. Three Students Beg to Differ. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Chen, C. (2023). AI Will Transform Teaching and Learning. Lets Get it Right. Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

Horowitch, R. (2023). Here Comes the Second Year of AI College. The Atlantic.

Terry, O.K. (2023). I'm a Student. You Have No Idea How Much We're Using ChatGPT. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Johnson, S.M., Coley, M. Bandy, J. Molvig, O. (2023). Teaching in the Age of AI. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching.


Ask AI to:

  • brainstorm research topics
  • focus research paper topics
  • create an outline for a research paper
  • create images or texts that students can analyze
  • analyze a text or problem for errors