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Southern Labor Archives: A Guide to the Collecting Areas: Labor Leaders and Activists

Labor Leaders and Activists - Papers and Collections

     Author: Abercrombie, E. L.
     Identification: L1984-49
     Author: Barber, Harry T., 1917-1973.
     Identification: L1978-12 
     Author: Barrett, James F.
     Identification: L1997-05
     Author: Chandler, Henry W.
     Identification: L1974-46
     Author: E'Dalgo, Frank.
     Identification: L2001-08
     Author: Giles, J. W. (James William), 1925-.
     Identification: L1974-29
     Author: Gleason, Joseph D.
     Identification: L1986-18
     Author: Googe, George Logan, 1900-1961.
     Identification: L1972-80
     Author: Gordon, Irving.
     Identification: L1971-09
     Author: Gossett, Albert W.
     Identification: L1988-01
     Author: Haigler, Carey E.
     Identification: L1977-33
     Author: Houk, Charles.
     Identification: L1982-07
      Author: Irwin, Joseph
      Identification: L1984-31
     Author: Jacobs, Joseph.
     Identification: L1998-07
     Author: Jenkins, William N.
     Identification: L2002-07
      Author: Clyde Johnson
      Identification: L1975-35
      Author: Jones, Melvin Leon
      Identification: L1975-44
     Author: Kehrer, E. T., 1921- .
     Identification: L1989-22
     Author: Kennedy, Stetson.
     Identification: L1979-37
     Author: King, Frank Herbert "Pug".
     Identification: L1974-16
      Author: Miles, Gordon
      Identification: L1972-66
      Author: Moore, Harry
      Identification: L1972-92
      Author: Moore, James O.
      Identification: L1972-94
     Author: Nance, A. Steve.
     Identification: L1999-04
      Author: Nunn, Louis M.
      Identification: L1977-20
     Author: Ramsay, John Gates.
     Identification: L1980-05
     Author: Ross, Myron Howard.
     Identification: L2001-05
     Author: Smith, Stanton E.
     Identification: L1976-30
     Author: Stamey, E. Leon.
     Identification: L1980-03
     Author: Styles, Paul L.
     Identification: L1973-57
     Author: Via, Emory F.
     Identification: L1989-34

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