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Open for Student Success 2023: In Partnership With OpenStax

Mini-conference about Open Educational Resources and Affordable Learning Materials

Librarian Charlene Martoni

OpenStax Publishes Peer-Reviewed Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are useful resources that are free to access openly online ​AND ALSO may be free to​
  • ​Retain – make and keep a copy​
  • Revise – modify as desired​
  • Remix – combine with other material (existing or original)​
  • Reuse – use any version publicly​
  • Redistribute – share copies with others​

​*While following the rules of the resource’s license

Additional Resources on
Open Access and OER

What is OpenStax?

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About the Institutional Partnership

Georgia State University was accepted as one of 50 schools to participate in the 2022-23 OpenStax Institutional Partnership. This program provides a learning community, free coaching, and strategic planning to help GSU advance initiatives toward open education.

How Does OpenStax Thrive?

Librarian Mary Ann Cullen