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HA8160 - Intro to US Healthcare: Google Scholar

What about Google Scholar?

What's included?

Google Scholar can be an excellent way to locate scholarly resources. The search engine is Google, but limited to scholarly resources including:

  • Scholary journals
  • Theses & Dissertations
  • Patents
  • Legal opinions & Journals

With business resources, not every type of information you might be looking for will be included. Why? Business resources are different. Beyond the typical range of scholarly, popular and trade publications, there are also resources such as market research reports, demographic statistics and financial statements. While his information is generally not included in Google Scholar, it is an excellent resource to know about for finding scholarly information.

Tips: Connecting Google Scholar to GSU Library Databases

When you're using a computer connected to the Georgia State University network and search using Google Scholar, you'll see at "Find it @GSU" link with the results. This will let you quickly find out if we have access to that item through the library's resources. You can also set your preferences so you see these links even when not connected through the GSU network:

  • Go to Google Scholar
  • Click on the Settings link
  • In the search box for Institutional Access, search for "Georgia State" Tick the check-box beside "Georgia State University," and then click "Save Preferences."

When you see the notation "cited by" below a result, pay attention to that - that will show you articles that used the one you found as a source, and there may be great articles for your research among them. This works in other databases as well; anytime you see something like "cited by" or "sources cited" as a link, that may be a good step in your research.