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MATH 1401H: Honors Elementary Statistics (Brown): Finding Data & Sources

This guide will help you conduct your research and effectively cite in your Honors MATH 1401 class for Fall 2022 semester.

Option 1 Resources

Option 1: I'm moving from California to Georgia. My job will be in downtown Atlanta. I have 2 children, a 10 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. Select 3 different schools that I should consider sending them to. 

Option 2 Resources

Option 2: I need a newer car. My spouse wants me to get an SUV. The last car that I bought was 4 years old and was $10,000. I have 1 child, and I drive 21 miles (one-way) to work 4 days a week. Select 3 different SUVs (make and model) that I should consider purchasing.

Option 3 Resources

Option 3: I'm originally from Virginia, and I'm graduating high school. I want to major in Computer Science, and I want to attend a university that is in a large city. What are the top 3 schools that I should apply to for college?

Option 4 Resources

Option 4: If you had to give best all-around medals by country, who would win the gold, silver, and bronze?