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Exploring Gender Roles: Assignments and Rubrics

Childhood Essay

Using a photograph from your childhood as inspiration, you will write a 3-5 page essay reflecting on an event or memory you have in which gender roles played a part in shaping who you are now. 

Writing is an iterative project, so this essay will be written in several steps. 

1. Free writing- this is when your ideas will take shape! You will have 30 minutes in class to write the rough draft of your essay.

2. Peer review- your group members will look over your rough draft and give you suggestions for edits, restructuring, or development you may want to consider. Note: your final assessment will consider how you participated in the editing process as a peer editor, so take this step seriously!

3. Re writing- you will consider the edits suggested by your peers and rewrite your essay to a clean and polished final draft. Please pay attention to structure, grammar, and content. 

4. Sharing- your work is important and you will have the opportunity to share your final essay with the class!

Please refer to the rubric for specifics about your final assessment for this project.

Childhood Essay Rubric

Group Project

As a group, you will create some type of portfolio showing what you have learned about gender during this unit.           

This can include

-          a photo essay of your peers (including a craft essay)

-          a book of poetry about gender by students in your group (including a craft essay)

-          an anthology of poetry about gender by poets with critical analysis about the themes within these poems 

-         start a Beyond the Binary campaign to educate your classmates and other teachers about how gender might be bigger than the binary (include a plan of action and a rationale which quotes scholarly evidence).

-         an analytical essay about a film's representations of gender.

-         a project which you design that is approved by the instructor.

The goal is to engage in an analytical process that furthers your exploration of gender roles as they pertain to literature, art, or film. You have flexibility in the final product, but you will be graded on...

- how you present gender theory;

- how you substantiate your claims with evidence from other scholarly work;

- how you present your final project;

-and how effectively you display an understanding of gender within a larger framework (i.e. literature, art, film, society, the school, your own life).

Please refer to the provided rubric for specific criteria related to this project.

Group Project Rubric

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