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Southern Labor Archives: Stetson Kennedy: A guide to his papers: Subject: Race and Labor-Related Violence

Race and Labor-Related Violence

Stetson Kennedy may be best known for his work in weakening Klan influence in elections.

Many of the items in the “Lynching” folder also relate to Northern lynchings, particularly the “Trenton Six” case.

Many of the items in the “Labor Violence” folder relate to a series of attacks against union members in LaGrange, GA (among other locations throughout the country, but LaGrange is featured quite prominently) throughout the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Items in the “Ku Klux Klan” folder include rosters, pamphlets, meeting transcripts, etc.  Also in this folder are some of the publishers’ notes for the first edition of The Klan Unmasked (titled in older editions, I Rode with the Klan).  There is also a folder on the “Groveland Four,” whose case also receives some attention in The Klan Unmasked.

Further Reading:

  • Kennedy, Stetson.  The Klan Unmasked. (1990)
  • Superman vs. the KKK, Chapter 1 (Superman broadcasts to which Kennedy contributed, mentioned in The Klan Unmasked)
  • Superman vs. the KKK, Chapter 2

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