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Open Education: Course Catalog Designators

Course Catalog Designators


What:  Course Catalog Designators are entries into Banner that provide information for students as they select the courses that they would like to take.This option is available at all University System of Georgia Schools including Georgia State University. For an overview of course catalog designators, please visit:

Why; There are many benefits to using open or affordable content. For example, students are better able to afford their education and subsequently register for more courses and increase course through put rates. Students are able to save an exponential amount of money without a sacrifice toward GPAs, retention rates, withdrawal rates, or drop out rates. High quality open content continues to be developed using sequencing and scoping, peer review, and other quality indicators. Open content also affords more pedagogical flexibility than most all rights reserved content. For more research about open content, see the OER Research Hubs section on research and outputs:



For more information on using affordable or open content, please visit: