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Open and Affordable Course Content by Discipline

Searching by subject/discipline

Most open textbook collections have an option to search by subject or discipline. Oftentimes, this options is a good way to see what the collection has to offer. Look for a drop down menu to select subjects/disciplines. You can also search collections by keywords. Our top open textbook collections are:

Open and Affordable Course Content Step-by-Step

Step 1: Look for a direct replacement for your textbook:


  • Open textbook collections such as the list above
  • Your discipline on the Open and Affordable Content by discipline guide
  • Try the OASIS search tool or the Mason OER Metafinder search tool to the left of this box.
  • Check library collections for an ebook you can link to.

Step 2: If no direct replacement is found, consider compiling individual items from various sources into a reading/course content list or to include in each module of your course.

  • Think about each topic or learning objective for your course. Choose keywords based on those learning objectives.
  • Search open content sites and library resources using the keywords. For library content, you may post/distribute a link to the journal article, ebook, streaming film or other types of material available through the library..

Step 3:  Save

  • Save potential selections in an organized way….maybe by course and learning objective. (You might just save it to iCollege, but perhaps a product like Zotero would be helpful.)
  • Consider evaluative criteria about quality and appropriateness during your selection process.
  • Consider copyright and licensing terms.

Step 4: Make final selections from open content and/or library resources and determine whether you will need to author/create content for your course.