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Southern Labor Archives: Work n' Progress - Lessons and Stories: Lesson I: Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill Strike

Lesson I: The Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill Strike,1914-1915: A Structured Academic Controversy

For Teachers

  • Lesson Plan, parts 1, 2, and 3*
Student-Centered Inquiries

  • Student-Centered Inquiry I*: Propaganda as a Photographer's Tool; Consider three questions as you try to understand the images you are viewing, in order to determining the propaganda value of a photo
  • Student-Centered Inquiry II*: A Comparison of Jacob A. Riis's, Lewis Hine’s, and O Delight Smith's Photography;
    Compare photographs taken by O. Delight Smith during the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill Strike to the child labor photographs taken by Jacob Riis and Lewis Hines
  • Student-Centered Inquiry III*: Developing Titles and Captions for Images from O. Delight Smith's Scrapbook; 
    Review sample titles and captions for O. Delight Smith’s photographs, and then try to create your own

* Download Lesson Plan, Student-Centered Inquiries, and documents below.

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