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ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University: FAQ

An overview of ScholarWorks, Georgia State University's Institutional Repository

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Q. Why can't I post my articles to ScholarWorks@GSU directly?

A: In most cases, the author of the article signed a Copyright Transfer Agreement an no longer owns the rights to the article. To avoid inadvertent copyright infringement, the library investigates the rights the publisher gives back to the author to make use of the article, and only posts the version the publisher allows.

Q. Why can't I post the PDF of an article that is on the journal website?

A: Since the publisher owns the rights to the article, the publisher has control of where it can be posted. If the article is published in a journal for which the publisher charges a subscrition for access, posting the publisher version in ScholarWorks@GSU would  interfere with the publishers interest.

Q. How can I get more downloads of my publications?

A: One strategy is that when you send an article to be posted, provide a list of keywords that readers interested in the article would search for in Google. Once a reader gets to one of your publications, your name will be linked and clicking on it will bring up others in ScholarWorks@GSU - so add as many publications as you can!


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