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Evidence-based Medicine: Core EBM Databases

An interdisciplinary guide to EBM resources.

Core Databases

EBM Portals


Available at Emory University - take your Panther Card. You can go to any branch of the Emory libraries to use the database on a visitor computer station.

Embase "vs." MEDLINE

  • Embase currently contains over 28 million records from 1947 onwards. Currently 4,800 journals are indexed for Embase in 30 languages.  Contains peer-reviewed literature, in-press publications and many conference abstracts.  Contains more European literature than MEDLINE.
  • MEDLINE currently contains over 24 million references to journal articles from the 1940s onwards. Currently 5,200 journals in 37 languages are indexed for MEDLINE.
  • Of the 4,800 journals indexed in Embase, 1,800 are not indexed in MEDLINE. Similarly, of the 5,200 journals indexed in MEDLINE, 1,800 are not indexed in Embase.
  • You can search MEDLINE and Embase simultaneously through Embase. The amount of records in Embase includes the MEDLINE records.  Records are mostly "de-duped".
  • Embase uses the Emtree thesaurus, similar to MEDLINE's MeSH thesaurus.

Review the Embase Quick Guide below before you go.