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HIST 4990: Race and Masculinity (Perry/Fall 2020): Articles

About databases

The most efficient way to find articles on a topic is to search a database - you can search across many journals at once.

Many history databases also search additional types of secondary literature - book reviews, book chapters, dissertations, etc.

Each database searches different sources; usually you'll want to search several databases.

If you are off campus you will be prompted for your Campus ID/password.

Using Find It @GSU

Many databases give you only a citation telling you where to find the article, not the article itself.

There's often a shortcut to the full article text in another database!

Click the Find It @GSU button to open a window with links to the article you need.

If that fails, try searching for the journal title in GIL-Find, or use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it from another library.

Lost? Stuck? Too many options? Ask a Librarian for help!

Essential History Databases

Start with these to find secondary source articles on your topic. For more databases, see related research guides or our A-Z database list.

For primary source (generally older) articles, consult the Primary Sources tab above.

Because History Can Get Interdisciplinary...

These databases focus on specific social-science disciplines. To search more broadly, try the databases in the "Interdisciplinary Articles Databases" box.

You can also use the dropdown "Find by Subject" box in the Articles / Databases tab to identify relevant databases by subject.

Subject-specific research guides can also help you find more databases for your topic.