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Searching Factiva

1) Use the Search Builder screen



2) Create a search in the Free Text box

  • Boolean Connectors- Use the connectors OR and AND to broaden or narrow your search.
  • Narrow search: health care AND illegal immigrants
  • Broaden Search: illegal aliens OR illegal immigrants
  • Nesting- Use parentheses with Boolean connectors to create sophisticated search strings
  • health care AND (illegal immigrants OR illegal aliens)
  • Truncation- Use truncation symbol to look for multiple word endings
  • legislat$ = legislation, legislator, legislative etc.



3) Select a date range and select a source



Browsing Factiva

Factiva - One Stop for Business News

Full-text access to Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Barrons, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and Fortune all one page. Click on the Newspages tab inside the database.

Search through all the publications by keyword or browse by section.  Covers the last 2-3 weeks/issues.


Here is what you'll see: