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Economics: Find Articles

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Article Database Search Tips - Basic Searching

1. Create a list of keywords.  Brainstorm a list for each concept.  Include related terms, broader, or narrow terms. The list below provides keyword terms that could be used to determine the impact of diet coke on your health.   


Impact         Diet Coke Health        
Result Soda Body
Change Carbonated beverages Energy
Improve        (List other diet soda names)      Alertness


 2. Use Advanced Search.  In most databases the Advanced Search provides three search boxes.  In each box enter keywords from the different lists you created in step one.

Note: In each box the synonymous terms are seperated by the word OR.  This tells the database to find articles with any of those terms.

 3. Narrow your date range.  If you don't want articles from 1967, look for an option to narrow your date range. 


 4. Re-Sort the results.  Once you reach the results page, try to determine how the results are sorted.  Usually the results are in chronological order.  If you narrowed your date range, there is no need to look at articles in chronological order.  Look for an option to re-sort the results by relevance.  


Core Article Databases

Cross-search 1000s of journals, newspapers, magazine, and other article sources by using the tools listed below.  Like Google, but better content.

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