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Downloading & Installing

Georgia State University has a license for EndNote which allows students, faculty and staff to download a copy for free.

If you've downloaded EndNote for Windows you will be prompted for a product key during the installation process. The product key is listed on the EndNote download link. You should see it after confirming your order in the software download site.  

If you didn't get it during the download, you can retrieve it by logging back into the download site and clicking on your account name (email address) and selecting "your account/orders" from the ensuing menu.

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a program that can help you manage citations for your research projects.  It can automate much of the work of organizing and formatting citations and bibliographies in your writing. EndNote can connect to online sources such as GIL and article databases, output results in over 1,000 different bibliographic styles.

Desktop vs. Online

There are two versions of EndNote, a standalone desktop version and a web based-version called EndNote Online. Once you have created your EndNote Online account, you can sync your libraries so a change in one will automatically be reflected in the other. See the "EndNote Online" tab for additional information on how to set up that account. 

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How to Use EndNote for Windows

How to Use EndNote for Mac

Additional Help Resources

Don't get discouraged if it takes a little while to get comfortable using EndNote. With a little practice it isn't difficult, and there are many resources available for help and information.

  • EndNote's built-in help system: just press F1
  • EndNote manual in PDF format: in Windows XP, click Start Menu / All Programs / EndNote / EndNote Manual
  • ISI's EndNote support page
  • ISI's EndNote Tutorials

Downloading Updates: Connection Files, Import Filters, Output Styles

A common way to correct a problem with importing or outputting citations is simply to update the connection file, filter or output style. These can be downloaded from ISI's EndNote support page.

Don't like EndNote?

Check out Zotero as an alternative, or see what other citation managers can do:

Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to install EndNote I am being prompted for a product key. What is the product key?

The product key is listed on the EndNote download page. If you didn't get it during the download, you can retrieve it by logging back into the download site and clicking on your account name (email address) and selecting "your account/orders" from the ensuing menu.

Should I use one library file for all my references, or separate libraries for different projects?

It may be easiest to use one library for everything and set up a separate group of references for each project, but it's entirely up to you.  EndNote works fine with multiple library files.

I already have a long bibliography that I typed in Word. Can I convert it to an EndNote library?

Unfortunately there's no way to do this automatically. The best way is to search for your references online (if possible) and download them into EndNote.

How do I download search results from my favorite database into EndNote?

Every database works a little differently. In general, the procedure is:

  1. Search the database as usual.
  2. Choose the references you want to save.
  3. Use the database's Save or Export function.  There's often a choice to export to EndNote, or save references in a text file that EndNote can read via Import on the File menu.

I tried using EndNote's Online Search feature to search a database, but it asks for a password.

EndNote's Online Search is incompatible with GSU's proxy server. Therefore, you will be better off going directly to the database you wish to search and then use the direct export method to send reference to EndNote.

How do I add page numbers to an in-text citation?

Right-click the formatted citation and choose "Edit Citation" from the menu. Fill in the page numbers (including spaces and punctuation) in the "Pages" field, click OK, then reformat your bibliography.

I installed EndNote, but it says it's a demo version that will expire soon. How do I install the full version?

This usually happens when the files from EndNote's installation package were not extracted properly. You will need to uninstall the demo version, then reinstall the program. Make sure the files are properly extracted from the installation package when you reinstall. To do that, right click on the package and select the "extract all" option. This will create a new folder called endnoteX9win. Inside the folder will be an installation file (ENX9Inst.msi) and a license file. Run the installation file from the new (unzipped) folder.