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**Population Health Sciences Resources (PHPH): Visual Aids

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Why doctors are increasingly prescribing nature. (2019). Retrieved March 12, 2020, from Films On Demand.
"As rates of chronic disease among children have skyrocketed over the past few decades, pediatricians have increasingly looked for solutions beyond the clinic. Sometimes that means actually prescribing time outside. Special correspondent Cat Wise reports from Oakland on the medical evidence that indicates escaping modern urban life, even temporarily, can yield health dividends."

Public Health Acts. (2017). Retrieved March 12, 2020, from Films On Demand.
The British government did not want to create laws regarding public health. Learn how the 1848 and 1875 Public Health Acts came into existence. Joseph Bazalgette revolutionized the sewer system in London after 'The Great Stink.'"

Inside Dharavi: Challenges of Rapid Urbanization. (2019). Retrieved March 12, 2020, from Films On Demand.
Dharavi growth was unplanned; many residents have access to electricity, but cables create unsafe webs near buildings. Residents wait for water that flows for two hours from public stand pipes. People rely on community toilets."

Tinworth, R. (Director). (2016). The Life Equation. Retrieved March 12, 2020, from Kanopy.

"Big Data is being used to analyze and determine healthcare options and billions of people are affected. But what, and who, is lost in the number crunching? Powerful computers crunch the numbers and choose interventions. But others question whether algorithms can truly capture the complexities of global health."


While many of these databases provide freely usable images, check copyright information and/or licensing restrictions carefully before using the images for public consumption. Cite or attribute what you do use appropriately.

light bulbPro Tip! Advanced Search features in Google, Flickr and Yahoo image searches have License status selections, which allow you to search for re-usable images.