Rayyan for Systematic and Scoping Reviews

Inviting collaborators

Only the creator of the review can invite collaborators to a project and change the blind setting. To invite collaborators, open the review and click on the "Invite" button.






From the ensuing box follow the prompts to:

  • select the type of collaborator you wish to invite:
    • Collaborator- can do everything on the review except deleting it or inviting others, or deleting search methods not created by him/her
    • Translator- like a viewer, but with the added functionality of translating the article abstracts into other languages
    • Viewer-can see all the articles in the review but cannot add, delete, label or include/exclude any
  • enter the email address(es) of your collaborator(s)
  • Include a reason/message to your invitees


After inviting collaborators, you have the option of changing the blind setting. Only the creator of a review can turn the blind setting on or off. The option to change the blind setting will appear at the top of the review page only when collaborators have been invited to the review.



When blinding is off conflicts will be identified for all collaborators. A chat box will also show up that allows collaborators to discuss decisions in real time.