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Altmetric Bookmarklet

This free bookmarklet from Altmetric lets you instantly retrieve altmetrics data for most articles*:   

Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

*Caveats from the page to keep in mind:

  • The Bookmarklet only works on PubMed, arXiv or pages containing a DOI
  • It only supports publishers who embed Google Scholar friendly citation metadata on their pages by default, though we're adding support for others. You can hurry along support for a particular journal by asking @altmetric for it on Twitter
  • Twitter mentions are only available for articles published since July 2011
  • If Altmetric started supporting a publisher after July 2011 then Twitter mentions are only available from that date onwards

What are altmetrics?


Examples of altmetric activity:

  • Promotion and tenure (as a supplement to the traditional metrics)
  • Grant applications
  • CV
  • Early impact of a work

This page of the Altmetrics for Researchers LibGuide from Duke University has excellent examples of incorporating altmetrics into the above applications.

Interpreting altmetrics data

5 tips for interpreting your altmetrics data---Essential strategies for building upon your altmetrics data, by Cat Chimes of Altmetric.