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ORCID: Connecting Research and Researchers

Create and Connect Your ORCID iD

ORCID iDs are unique identifiers assigned to individual scholars and researchers. Using an ORCID allows your manuscripts, grants, and other scholarship to be more discoverable and integrated within larger research networks.


Click here to Create and Connect your ORCID to GSU

If you already have an ORCID iD, click the link to connect your iD to GSU.

Authenticate your Employment Information 

Once your ORCID is connected to GSU, authenticate your employment information. Authenticated employment records in ORCID let funders applicants are validated employees.


Setting the visibility to "everyone" will help employers, funders, publishers, and collaborators identify your work. But while your ORCID iD is always publicly visible, you control the visibility settings for all other content in your ORCID record. Read about visibility settings in ORCID records.