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CASTE Resources - ALA Share: Part 1: Toxins in the Permafrost

ALA Shared Version

This extensive guide can be modified and/or curated to meet your students' research needs.

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Great place to link your library resources to source material mentioned in book.  Allows instructors (and students) to see depth of collection. Feel free to dub this one or as much of it as you'd like and link your library's resources in place of ours!

Topics for exploration in Part One

Population projections by race from Census Bureau:

Electoral College:


2016 Paris Agreement

Caste System

United Nations (2008) For centuries, millions of so-called "untouchables" have faced prejudice and exclusion from Indian society. Learn more about the caste system of India

Topics for exploration in Part One (continued)

Concept of Race

MLK's Trip to India (resources from King Institute at Stanford)

The Impact of Mahatma Ghandi on Martin Luther King, Jr.

Om Dikshit - Negro History Bulletin (1975) Dr. King felt a profound impact of Mahatma Ghandi on his philosophy. His speeches, his writings show the tenets of nonviolence and Gandhian philosophy

An American Dilemma

Birth of a Nation (1915 film) coverage

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (advocate for abolishing caste system in India; Dalit)

M.J. Audi - The Indian Journal of Political Science (July - September 1989) Ambedkar is one of the few Indian leaders whose work attracts the scholars. He was a thinker and activist. His activities have influenced India's development. The problem which he struggled to solve still defies solution. This is an attempt to reflect upon some aspects of his struggle for untouchables.

Sources Discussed In Text

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