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BUSA 3000: International News Paper Reports: Finding News from your Country


Searching Factiva for International News

  1. Use the default Free Text Search form
  2. Click on Source
  3. Select Source By Region
  4. Choose your country
  5. Enter search terms and run your search
  6. Keep in mind that Factiva assumes you are doing a phrase search. Remember to use Boolean Connectors (and, or, not) to combine terms.

Verifying that your article is from your country

At the topic of each article in Factiva you will see the source name.  If you click on the source name, a box will pop up giving you information about the publication, including In this example, the article was from the Nikkei Report. 

The ensuing pop up box will look like this. The country of origin will be listed in the description of the source.


International Papers on the Web

Can't find a paper from your assigned country in Factiva? The resources below will help direct you to major newspapers from countries all over the world. 

Video Tutorial: Using Factiva to Find News Articles from Your Country

This video will walk you through the process of finding articles from a particular country in Factiva.