Citing While Writing Using APA: Why Do We Cite

Consequences of Academic DisHonesty (Plagiarism, etc.)


  • Failing grade on assignment
  • Failing grade on assignment
  • Suspension from university
  • Transcript annotations
  • Expulsion from university (which makes it very hard to get into another one)
  • Limited work options: Academic Dishonesty can limit your options
    –How many of you plan to be journalists? Writers? Business people? Teachers? Medical professionals? Scientists?

in Real-World

  • The One Lie That Brought Down Walmart's PR Chief (Burfield: Sept 2014)

  • Time, CNN Suspend Fareed Zakaria's Column, After Plagiarism Claim (2012)

Why We Cite Sources

How Often Should I Cite


Montoya, R. M. (2007). Gender Similarities and Differences in Preferences for Specific Body Parts. Current Research in Social Psychology, 13(11), 133-144.