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PSYC 4510: Community Psychology: Welcome

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From your syllabus:

Throughout the semester, you will develop a Research to Action project in which you will research a social issue that matters to you, use a community psychology perspective to critically examine how the issue has been addressed in the past (or is currently being addressed), and develop action recommendations and strategies.

  • First, you will select a social issue and conduct research to learn about the social issue
  • Second, you will do a critical analysis of the populations that are affected by the issue and conditions that contribute to it.
  • Third, you will be able to choose (a) to develop a communication strategy to inform an audience about the social issue, OR (b) to identify an organization that addresses the social issue and complete an analysis of the organization’s work from a community psychology perspective

In this course, all sources used during the preparation of all assignments must be cited following the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual 7th Edition.

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