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SCOM 4800 Communication and Diversity: Assignment part 2:
Literature Review

What's a literature review?

It's an overview and analysis of what other scholars have written on your topic. See page three of this guide for a lot more info if you're not sure how to get started.

Many databases give you only a citation telling you where to find the article, not the article itself.

Click the Find It @GSU button to open a window with links to the article you need.

If that fails, try searching for the journal title in GIL-Find, or use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request it from another library.

Lost? Stuck? Too many options? Ask a Librarian for help!

Assignment 2: journal articles


  • research approximately five journal articles about your group or culture
  • ideally communication articles (i.e. published in communication journals)
  • if articles come from other disciplines, connect them to communication

How do I do this?

  1. Start by searching Communication & Mass Media Complete: this database includes all the major communication journals and is a good starting point no matter what group.
  2. Try some of the other databases below, depending on the nature of your group (socioeconomic, political, other?). You should include terms like "communication" or "rhetoric" to keep it tied to communication practices.
  3. If no luck, try one of the broader databases like Discover or Academic Search Complete that cover many disciplines.

Recommended Comm databases

Two databases most commonly used by Communication researchers are Communication and Mass Media Complete, which is useful for researching media-related topics, and PsycInfo, a psychology database useful for researching interpersonal communication.

Search CMMC and PsycInfo

The search box above searches both databases simultaneously.

Communication research often branches out into other subject areas. The library has hundreds of other databases you can use!

Other useful databases

Communication & Mass Media Complete is the best place to search for journals in the Communication field. However, many other databases may include useful examinations of your groups.

Terms like "rhetoric" and "communication" (plus the name of your group) might be useful as search terms.