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*SOCI 3356 Queer Identities: Books @

Some Things to Think About...

Some things to think about... Do keywords used in library catalogs reflect the diversity of LGBTQ identities?  How do they reproduce and/or challenge heteronormativity?

We tend to assume that scientists, doctors, and scholars are "objective" and "neutral" - but how might the dominant heteronormative culture have influenced their perspectives, and perhaps biased their judgment?

Would your local library have carried LGBTQ-focused young adult books in your decade? Would all of them even today?

Start by searching our library catalog

USE GIL-FIND (also accessible from the Catalog tab on the Library's homepage) to find books.

A Keyword search in GIL-Find is a good place to start if you are looking for information on a topic. If you have more specific information, you can also search by title, subject or author using the Advanced Search options.

Examples of subject terms:

Homosexuality     Lesbianism     Bisexuality     Male homosexuality     Gay     Gays     Gay rights     Heterosexuality     Sex (psychology)     Sex customs     Sexual behavior

*Click here for more keyword ideas - a compiled list of Library of Congress Subject Headings for LGBTQ topics*

Stonewall Book Awards

Stonewall Book Awards honors books for exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience, including awards for literature, non-fiction, and children's/young adult literature. 

Browse the award lists from 1971 to the present, and search the GSU GIL-Find catalog for specific titles.  If we don't have the book, you can request it via interlibrary loan, or consider searching Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System's catalog.  

Know of a great LGBTQIQA book that you think deserves the Stonewall Award?  Suggest a title for award consideration! 

YA and Children's Books

Looking for novels/nonfiction for young adults and teens? 

Try a GIL-Find search, and then in your results list, off to LEFT of the screen in the Narrow Search column, scroll to the Location section, click more..., and then click on the Library North 3 - Carl & Gretchen Patton Children's Collection location.

**Short video step-by-step of this process**

Atlanta Fulton Public Library System

Searching the Atlanta Fulton Public Library System (AFPLS) for books available during your decade would be very useful: as a teen of the time, your Public Library would probably have been your first stop!  As a GSU student, you are eligible to get a AFPLS library card

You can Search their Catalog by clicking HERE (you might have to start a new session in it by clicking OK) - then click the POWER SEARCH option under the basic search field. 

Iconic Sex Researchers & the DSM