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Omeka: Set up Omeka

What's Omeka?

Omeka [oh-MEK-ah] is a free platform for creating online collections and exhibits: images, documents, or any other digital objects.

It's free, open source software created by the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

Setting up Omeka

You have two options when setting up Omeka for the first time: create an account at or install Omeka on your own server.

(This guide assumes you're using, but most instructions apply to either option.)

Sign up for a free account

Download and install on your own server
Your exhibit is hosted at an domain Your exhibit is hosted on your domain/site

Configuration options (plugins, themes, etc.) may be limited

All configuration options available
Hosting options available from free to $999/year

No cost, but you maintain your own site

This guide does not include instructions for installing Omeka on a server. Consult the official documentation and your IT department.

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