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Omeka: Appearance and options

More tips and next steps

  • Check the Settings menu for more fine-tuning: add and remove data fields, site links and more.
  • The Appearance menu lets you customize themes fonts, modify the navigation menus, and choose visual elements.
  • The Users menu lets you create additional editor or administrator accounts.
  • Item Types allows you to define new kinds of objects in your exhibit.


Themes change the public appearance of your exhibit: layout, colors and so on.

Click Appearance on the top menu. Choose one of the available themes by clicking Use This Theme, then view your site to see the changes.

You can change themes any time, so try out different ones.


Plugins add additional features to your site like social bookmarking, additional languages, or embedding PDFs. Click the Plugins menu at the top to see a list of available plugins.

For example: Click Install next to the Simple Pages plugin. This adds a useful new feature to the left menu: Simple Pages allows you to attach new pages to the site, for example to create an About page describing the exhibit.

Moving to your own server

This guide assumes you're creating an exhibit on

You can install Omeka on your own server (consult your IT department and the Omeka help pages).

The official Omeka documentation recommends Reclaim Hosting for Omeka sites if you need to purchase your own hosting.

Exhibits created on can be moved to your custom Omeka installation using the API Import plugin.