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Omeka: Exhibit Builder

About Exhibit Builder

Exhibit Builder is a plugin that allows you to build custom pages on your Omeka site featuring items you select. It's like a photo album: choose items from your Omeka site, add some text, and arrange them for researchers to browse.

Installing Exhibit Builder

From the dashboard of your Omeka site, click the Plugins link.

You'll see Exhibit Builder in the list of available plugins. Just click the Install button to activate it.

Creating Exhibits

Once you've installed Exhibit Builder, click the Exhibits link in the left column of your Omeka dashboard and then the Add Exhibit button.

Fill in the blanks: 

Give your exhibit a Title.

Slug will be part of the URL of your exhibit, like: No spaces are allowed since it will be part of the web address.

The rest is all optional: credits, description, tags, etc. 

You can select a different theme for your exhibit than the rest of the site, and upload a cover image if you wish.

After you press Save Changes, add one or more pages using the button at the end of the page.

Adding exhibit pages

Next, add a page. Your exhibit can have multiple pages if you wish.

First, choose a title and a slug (which will appear in the URL) for the page.

Then add one or more content blocks, areas for your Omeka items to appear. You can choose from a variety of layouts.

Add items from your Omeka library one by one using the Plus button. You can give them captions, reorder them, and change their display options in a variety of ways.