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Music in American History: Books

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The books on music history are in the stacks with call numbers beginning in this range:

ML 159 - ML 3785

Books with call numbers beginning with ML are shelved on Library North 4 (click for floor map).

Start By Searching Our Library Catalog

Use GILFind / "Catalog" tab on the GSU Library's homepage to find books in the GSU Library and at University System of Georgia libraries. 

GILFind includes books and materials from ALL of the GSU campuses: Atlanta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Newton, and Alpharetta. Use the "Place Request" link in the book's record to request a book from a GSU campus other than your own. GILFind also lists other materials in the library - including microfilm, dissertations, movies, music and special collections.

New! GILFind now also lets you search all of the University System of Georgia library holdings at once. Just select "University System of Georgia" instead of "Georgia State University" in Simple Search, or in the "Search Scope" dropdown in Advanced Search. 

To request a book from a GSU library:

  1. Click "Sign in" in the upper right-hand corner and sign in with your Campus ID and Password.
  2. Search for the book in the catalog.
  3. In the book's record, under "Get It," click on the name of the library with an "1 Available" copy.
  4. Click "Request" and select whichever GSU campus you want the book sent to in "Pickup Location."
  5. Click the orange "Request" button to submit.
  6. You will be notified by email when this book is available for pickup at the circulation desk on LN 1.

To request a book from any other USG campus via GIL Express: (click here for list of USG campuses)

  1. Click "Sign in" in the upper right-hand corner and sign in with your Campus ID and Password.
  2. Select "University System of Georgia" in the dropdown search box and search for the book.
  3. Click "More USG Libraries/GIL Express Request."
  4. Click the name of a USG library that shows as "Available" with a green dot. 
  5. Click "Request." The default "Pickup Institution" here should be "Georgia State University." If it is NOT, select "Georgia State University" from the list of schools. (Yes, it's silly that that list is not in alphabetical order. That is beyond my control, sadly). 
  6. Select whichever GSU campus you want the book sent to in "Pickup Library."
  7. Click the orange "Request" button to submit.
  8. You will be notified by email when this book is available for pickup at the circulation desk on LN 1.

You can also go to any GSU or USG Library and check out books in person using your Panthercard. 

A keyword search is a good place to start if you are looking for information on a topic. If you have more specific information, you can also search by title, subject or author.

Need more options? Try "Advanced Search" and "Browse Search" for more ways to search. 

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"Help! I'm looking at an ebook and can't figure out how to download it!"

We have a research guide to help with that! See for information and instructions about how to access and download ebooks. Note that the answer will depend on the source of the ebook, so look for a vendor name like Ebook Central, eBooks on EBSCOHost, or Books 24x7 (for example) in the library catalog's information about the ebook. 

Subject searching in GIL-Find

Try to identify useful subject headings for your research: Do a keyword search for your topic, then look at the subject headings in the records of books that look good. Example subject headings:

  • Jazz 1921-1930 History and criticism (try general subject search on Jazz to find other time periods)
  • Rock music United States History and Criticism
  • Folk music United States History and Criticism (or try a state or regional search, like Folk music North Carolina)
  • Armstrong, Louis, 1900-1971
  • Joplin, Janis
  • Velvet Underground (Musical group)
  • Music United States (see subcategories for specific time periods, other categories)
  • Music Social Aspects United States
  • Musicians United States (also, Musicians United States Biography)
  • African American musicians
  • African Americans Music
  • African American women musicians
  • Women musicians United States
  • Popular music 1941-1950 (just an example: try general subject search on Popular Music to find other time periods)

Search other library catalogs

If GSU's library doesn't have what you need, you have, don't give up.  There are several options to get the book you want:

Universal Catalog - includes all Georgia public colleges and universities. To see information about participating USG schools, click here. Request books through GIL Express, or use your Panther Card to check out books at USG schools.

**You are allowed to check out 20 books maximum from a given USG library.**
Meaning, you can have 20 books checked out from UGA, 20 from Valdosta State, etc.

This includes both books checked out via GIL Express or directly from the library.

Emory - you can also borrow materials at Emory with your Panther Card

ARCHE - with a special ARCHE borrower's card, you can check out books from several local private colleges. Click here for information about ARCHE schools and getting a borrower's card

Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library Catalog - GSU students & faculty may obtain library cards from the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library, then borrow materials.

Use Interlibrary Loan to request books you find in the following catalogs
(or any other library catalog):

Worldcat - North American libraries and beyond.

Center for Research Libraries - a cooperative effort among member libraries to collect unusual and unique materials.

Still stuck?  Get more information, or ask a librarian for help.