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An eBook is an electronic version of a traditional print book; e-books; e books


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PDF vs. EPUB format

Ebooks come in a variety of formats.  Two of the most popular are PDF and ePUB.  Sometimes you have the option to choose which format you want. Older PDFs are not reflowable so as to properly accomodate smaller screen sizes like those on a mobile device.  So, if you are having trouble with the document fitting properly within your screen, try using an epub file if you have that option. Newer PDFs and various apps are designed to fix this problem.

Here's a quick blog entry by Deniz Oguz about pdf vs. epub for android.

Ebook Comparison Chart

The GSU Library offers access to thousands of ebooks.  You can read these ebooks online.  Many of the ebooks can also be downloaded so that you can read them off-line.  Ebook platforms and features vary by the company that offers the ebook.  The chart below compares four different ebook platforms and explains the available features.

How do I search the library's eBook collections?

GilFind :  You can search for eBooks in the GSU Library's GilFind catalog just as you would search for traditional print books. There's no limiter specifically for eBooks before you perform your search. After you search, refine your results to show only "full access online" and the "books" format to see eBooks.


Discover: The default search box on the library homepage is Discover. The Discover search tool has a limiter especially for eBooks.  Look for this limiter in the left hand column after you perform an initial search.


EBook Databases: You can also search within each of our eBook databases listed below.


EBook databases

Click on the tabs at the top of this guide for more information on how to use each of the databases listed below:

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